Welcome to Paisa To Banega!

Hello and very warm welcome to Paisa To Banega.

Each day our videos on youtube are watched at least 5000 times, at least 25 new people join different schools of Paisa To Banega, our traders place at least 1200 trades, we receive at least 200 new Whatsapp messages and 100 new emails and we also solve at least 5 unique challenges of stock market or business each day that we never encountered before.

Paisa To Banega is not a business. It is an initiative to make people capable. A person with right capability can become an asset for the whole family. Paisa To Banega has been founded by Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. We are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India. Business runs in our blood and profit is our habit. However, we have taken things further by investing our blood and using our habits to establish Paisa To Banega.

We both started trading very early in our lives. Just like many other traders we made mistakes, faced losses and ended up blowing the accounts. We believe there is always a break-even point in our life from where we either fall or rise. We learned, we coached ourselves and we committed to ourselves that we will find a right path. Real life gives us many surprises and after lots of such surprises we were able to dance with the mad elephant in stock market.

Both of us has different story of our trading journey; however, our values brought us together. We then helped number of traders in the stocks market and we even visited families who were facing really bad time. From good to great and from bad to worst we have seen many stories in stock market.

In mid 2018 we started a YouTube Channel and we initially focused on Intraday. We got a huge response and we were able to reach out thousands of traders across India. We have mainly work towards loss management, risk management, money management and counter trading.

Our aim is to make people capable when it comes to stock market, money and business. We believe that motivation can’t solve real life problems. Tips and shortcuts can’t help. Hardwork alone is not enough.

Our schools do not make us ready for real life. Schools do not focus on money and investment. Most of the parents are also not equipped with required knowledge. We end up in the same cycle year after year and even generation after generation.

What we really need is a right coach. We have a really bad habit of not accepting this fact. We have a mindset that reading a book, giving an exam, getting 100 out of 100 and doing a nice job solves all problems. We hardly think about having a right coach in our life.

Paisa To Banega has been started so that we can act as a coach to guide about really important challenges of life. One of the important challenges is money.

We have started different schools to address each unique challenge and we have started courses to solve interesting problems. We will keep on taking new steps and if your values align with us then you are welcomed to contribute and join us.



Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar
Founders @ Paisa To Banega