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What is One Stock Crorepati Program?

This program is for serious stock market investors. We will focus on finding and researching the stocks which have solid business model, sound management and scalability opportunity. This means these stocks should have ability to generate 5 to 10 times return in next few years. We should be able to build wealth from such stocks. We will also use techniques to invest and find the stocks which can build wealth.

For example if I am investing 10 lakhs then I should be able to make 1 crore. If I am investing 1 lakh then I should be able to make around 10 lakhs at least. If I am investing Rs 25000 then I should be able to make 2.5 lakhs and then it would further increase my wealth.

Who can join One Stock Crorepati Program?

Everyone can join this program. It is not necessary that you should join this program only if you are an investor. This program will share very important knowledge about business and stocks. So you can increase your knowledge via this program. We have kept the language and research simple. We do not prefer complex things.

How research will be done for One Stock Crorepati Program?

One of the popular methods to find growth stock is Value Investing; however, this concept is from USA. Indian market has its own challenges. So along with Value Investing, we look at the company and its business and then we study how they are doing the business, how they are solving the challenges they face in business, will the business show scalability, does it has a solid management and so on.

We believe that just checking financial statements, learning value investing formula and calculating ratios would not help. Business common sense is required and we put common sense above everything to find the stocks from which we can build wealth. Where possible we will also use hedging techniques to make money and build wealth from stocks.

How many stocks will be shared under One Stock Crorepati Program?

Each month at least one stock will be shared with the members. Along with stocks we will also focus on sharing very important investment knowledge with all our members. Please remember that finding such stocks is hard. It is possible sometime we find 3-4 stocks in a month and sometime we only find one stock.

How research about the stock will be shared in One Stock Crorepati Program?

All members will be notified via email. The email would have research and where required we will also share a private video.

What type of research about the stock will be shared in one Stock Crorepati Program?

Instead of financial statements, ratios, and all fancy calculation, we prefer to discuss about the company, its business, what are the major good things about the stock in question, why we have selected the stock in question, and so on. We are here to do business and to become owners of the business. We are not here to clear any school exam for showing calculations.

What are the fees of One Stock Crorepati Program?

We have kept very nominal fees of Rs 3540/year. We believe that with such fees we will bring positive resolution in Indian stock market and we will help and guide people about wealth building opportunities.

What if I need guidance about how to allocate my investment?

We will always guide our members via email and Whatsapp. We have also designed a specific video to help investors understand how they should be investing and how they can allocate the funds.

How I can join One Stock Crorepati Program?

Please use below form to join One Stock Crorepati Program:

What if I want refund after subscribing this program?

We put lots of efforts for this program and hence we request to think twice before you join. Ask all your questions and then only join. We do not have a refund policy for this program. If you are a investor we are sure you know that there are no magic tricks. So you must have necessary patience when it comes to investment.

How to contact Paisa To Banega for One Stock Crorepati Program?

Please email to paisatobanega@gmail.com or Whatsapp 9662002545.

Note: Please note that we also review major stocks under our Paisa To Banega Stock Radar video series on YouTube channel.

Also note Paisa To Banega does not offer personal finance advice, investment advice, stock tips or recommendations. We offer education through coaching programs and courses. Kindly read our disclaimer and refund policy.