Welcome to Paisa To Banega TradePlus software!

We have designed a specific software for Intraday trading because:

  • Traders have less time to execute trades
  • It is hard to calculate risk management in live trades
  • It is hard to take counter trades in multiple positions
  • It is hard to create and save strategies
  • It is hard to backtest the strategies
  • It is hard to allocate funds and manage per trade risk

We have solved all these challenges by designing a software which takes care of everything. You can create your strategies, save your strategies, backtest your strategies and execute your trades in seconds.

You can use this software with Zerodha and Upstox. We do have collaboration with Upstox. If you open a new account with Upstox in association with Paisa To Banega then you will get discount while using the TradePlus software.

There is also a trial period of 4 days if you just want to explore this software.

Go ahead and explore the website of Paisa To Banega TradePlus software from the below button:

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