Testimonials From The Traders

Suresh from Rajkot

Thank god I found Paisa To Banega. No one taught me about the Intraday trading like Paisa To Banega. I was facing so many problems and now I am on right track. I used to watch videos on youtube and most of the videos do not make any sense. I came across Paisa To Banega channel and since then I have been able to trade very effectively. I give lots of blessings to Paisa To Banega - Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir.

Mayur from Mumbai

While the world is becoming more and more selfish and market is becoming full of fraudster Paisa To Banega has selflessly delivered amazing knowledge and education to struggling intraday traders. I am very thankful for their hard work and efforts. I follow them regularly and I learned a lot. I wish I could have found them earlier.

Kartik from Pune

I made a big loss in intraday trading and then I came across Paisa To Banega. The videos were so helpful that entire weekend I watched the videos and then I contacted them. The guidance, the methods and the risk management are so unique that I never implemented them. I slowly started recovering my loss and I have been in touch with Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir since then. God bless them.

Aarti from Ahmedabad

I knew nothing about trading. I knew nothing about Intraday. I was attracted towards the stock market but I was looking for someone who can coach me correctly. My husband recommended Paisa To Banega and since then I am a huge fan of their work. The way videos are made, the way guidance is given and the way focus is on middle class traders. I have learned so much about the intraday and already started my journey. I recommend everyone to join Paisa To Banega if they are looking for a genuine coach.

Sanjiv from Udaipur

I lost big by following tips from Indore companies. I lost trust in stock market and I lost trust in most of the people. I gave up trading and I was facing too many problems in my life. One day I was browsing few videos and then suddenly I came across one video from Paisa To Banega. It is the video where Chetan sir is discussing about the Mad elephant. Somehow I ended up watching many videos. Although I had so many doubts I contacted Paisa To Banega and their response was very amazing. Not only Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir taught me, coached me and brought me on right path but they have acted as a family to listen and understand the challenges I was facing. I truely wish them best success.

Chris from Chennai

I am doing a job and I have only few hours for trading. I am in stock market for more than 12 years now. I have tried many things but I always end up on the wrong side. It is like someone is watching me. With the coaching, guidance and support from Paisa To Banega I am now on the stage where I am planning to quit my job. I have a strong capital but it took me more than 2 years to reach to the stage where I can rely on profits from Intraday. My heartful thanks to Paisa To Banega for being so kind and genuine in their work.